Golf Holidays in Almeria

Almeria offers one of the warmest climates in Europe and has more days of sunshine than many other regions in Spain. if you want to experience desert style golf then Desert Springs is the place to go or if you are looking for a quality resort to stay in a more temperate area then Valle Del Este offers very good accommodation and a quality golf course on-site.

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FAQs About Golf In Almeria

Which airports can I fly to?

Almeria Airport, which is located 5 miles to the east of the city centre.

Which UK airports serve this destination?

Direct flights to Almeria Airport can be sought from:

  • London-Gatwick
  • Manchester

However other airports offer flights on a seasonal basis:

  • Belfast International
  • East Midlands
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds/Bradford
  • London-Stanstead
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne

How long is the flight time?

Direct flights from London airports to Almeria Airport is 2 hours 55 minutes.

When is the best time to travel to this destination?

High season is considered to be between April to May and September to October.

What are the local attractions?

The province of Almeria is in the South East of Spain and as such enjoys an enviable desert climate with days of sunshine. This has led to it becoming a major producer of crops and flowers and everywhere you go there are acres of land under glass. Its steeped in history with many Roman and Greek sites to discover but it is the Moors who have had the greatest impact on the area. The Moorish Castle Alcazeba is one of the largest Arabic fortresses in Andalucia and is well worth a visit. The capital City, Almeria, is very much a modern comercial centre which retains its Spanish identity rather than pandering to the tourist trade. It also has a major ferry port where you can take a trip across to Morocco. As you would expect there are numerous restaurants and bars and pleasant squares to sit and relax in as well as several museums and galleries.

The area has some of the best beaches in Spain and are generally populated by locals as they have not yet been discovered by tourists. There are numerous coves to discover and the area is well known for scuba diving and water-based activities.

There are more developed areas such as Roquetas de Mar which are familiar to many English tourists and the village of Mojacar is one of the more popular residential areas for non-Spanish people. Both these places offer the usual array of pubs, restaurants and clubs to cater for the British market. Almerimar which is west of the Capital city has been developed to make it attractive to those seeking a modern purpose-built holiday resort.

For those interested in the more natural surroundings the Cabo de Gata Maritime park offers an area that will appeal to hikers, bird watchers and those who just want to experience the beautiful coastal areas.

The region offers many different experiences from the desert lifestyle to the most modern of holiday Resorts so there is something to suit all tastes.

Where can we go for nightlife?

Almeria is the Capital city of the region and whilst still retaining its Spanish identity it has much to offer the visiting tourist. There are numerous tapas bars and restaurants serving traditional as well as international cuisine and with many of the bars opening until the early hours of the morning a good night out is assured. In the summer months the beach area comes alive with a number of disco marquees that don’t start to get lively till around three AM. The City centre is well known as a popular venue for music lovers with specialist bars playing all kinds of different types of music. The younger age groups tend to frequent Clubs near the Nicolas Salmeron Park whilst ther eis a more relaxed atmosphere around the seafront promenade.

There is a more “British “ feel to the entertainment available in Resorts such as Roquetas de Mar where you can find the usual “touristy “ attractions with manty British themed pubs , restaurants and clubs. Its still a lively scene especially in Summer but it doesn’t have the local flavour that a night out in Almeria City has.  Mojacar which has a large resident population of Non Spanish inhabitants offers similar entertainment all the year round. If you can arrange your trip to coincide with one of the many local Fiestas then a long night is assured! There are several beach bars that stay open until the very early hours of the morning and these are very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Elsewhere there are some traditional seaside towns that are relatively unknown to the foreign visitor where you can find some superb restaurants offering traditional gastronomy. Not surprisingly as many of these are located overlooking the Mediterranean then seafood is the main ingredient of the menu.

From the liveliest of evenings out in a typical tourist resort to a quiet drink or meal in a small village overlooking the sea there are endless possibilities for an enjoyable night out.





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