Golf Travel Information

We’ve gathered some great tips and tricks for golf travel.

On this page you’ll find guides for booking flights when they’re cheapest, and travelling with golf clubs without the hassle.

At Glencor we pride ourselves on matching you up with the perfect golf holiday. Although we don’t book or sell flights, we believe that flying to and from your golf break needn’t be stressful.

So read on!

Our top golf travel tips

We’ve also included our top tips for a hassle-free experience when flying for a golf holiday:

  • Get a non-stop flight if you can: Any transfer means your clubs have to be taken off of a plane and put on another one. This gives more chance of them getting lost, damaged, or incurring an extra cost (some airlines charge per flight rather than per direction – keep an eye out for the phrasing!)
  • Get to check-in early: Usually golf clubs are considered oversized luggage, so if you get sent to the oversized luggage desk you don’t want it to put you in a rush. Be punctual for peace of mind!
  • Make your bag stand out: This doesn’t need to be anything too jazzy, but make sure it looks a bit distinctive – write your name on it somewhere, hang a keyring off of it, just something to identify it quickly and easily as yours.
  • Get a sturdy case: It’s unlikely to happen, but opening your golf bag when you get to the hotel and finding several clubs snapped in half would be a grim start to your holiday. A hard case comes highly recommended
  • Check your clubs are insured: If the above does happen, you don’t want to be stung on the cost of replacing them!
  • Make sure your clubs don’t rattle around too much: Adding something to pad out the bag a bit reduces the risk of damage, and makes your bag less noisy / conspicuous.