Top Games To Play On Your Golf Holiday Or Golf Break

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When going on a golf holiday or golf break and you are playing a lot of golf with the same group of friends, it’s often interesting to mix it up a little bit and play some alternative games to keep everyone on their toes. We’ve listed some ideas that you could try on your next Glencor Golf holiday!


Each hole is valued at one ‘skin’ and which ever player wins the hole, wins the skin. If there is no winner (i.e. draw) then the skin is rolled over so the next hole is worth two skins and so on until someone claims the prize. This game should be played off scratch or handicap as you would singles match play.


Points are awarded for your score on each hole on either a nett or handicap basis. one point is given for a bogey, two for a par score, three for a birdie, four for an eagle and five if you are able to score an albatross.


As the title of this game suggests, requires four players where two players form a team and hit alternate shots at each hole until they complete the hole. One player on each team tees off at the even holes and the other player on the odd holes. Handicaps allowance is half of the combined total of both players.


An alternative to playing with handicap strokes, every golfer is allocated one foot of string for every shot of his/her handicap. Each golfer can move the ball by measuring the distance moved and cutting that amount from the ball. Each golfer can use the string to remove their ball from hazards, find a better lie or to complete the hole. To raise the stakes, you could start alowing players to increase the lenght of their string for birdies / eagles…

Got any other ideas to spice things up? Leave your comments below…

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