Winter Golf Deals

Where are the best destinations for a Winter golf deal?

At this time of year, it’s easy to imagine yourself jetting off to sunnier climes. January gets very old very quickly for golfers! Heading out to your local club on a freezing cold morning, probably in the pouring rain, and shivering your way around the course, barely able to move your hands for the cold or see for the rain; this is nobody’s idea of fun!

We’re all wishing and hoping for a little bit of Winter sun at the moment. If you are a golfer, you’re probably especially desperate to play a round that doesn’t require you warming your hands on the radiator for ten minutes at the end! So why not organise yourself a little Winter golf break? Here at Glencor Golf, we have tonnes of choice when it comes to where you could whisk yourself, your friends and your loved ones off to for a spell in the sun and some excellent Winter golfing; it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down the choice to find exactly where you want to head off to. We’ve put together a quick guide to the best locations for a Winter golf break, to help you make your decision. You’ll be golfing in the warm sunshine before you know i!


Winter Golf Deals in Tenerife

Tenerife is a brilliant choice for a last minute Winter golf holiday, as it combines the glorious sun with excellent golf resorts and courses – and the best thing is, it all comes at a reasonable price. A short flight from the UK and you could be by the pool or out on the course in one of the many Tenerife resorts, and then spending your evenings eating delicious food and enjoying the raucous Spanish nightlife!


Winter Golf Deals Morocco

Morocco does sound incredibly glamorous, and it really is a brilliant spot for some Winter golfing – the guaranteed sunshine is just the beginning! Here you’ll find golf hotels so stunning you’ll be desperate to get back every afternoon so you can relax by the pool – although on the other hand, the courses are so well maintained and entertaining, you’ll be torn between the two!


Golfer taking shot towards green as the sunsets at Majilis Golf Course

If you want to really push the boat out and treat yourself to some serious sunshine, a Winter golf holiday in Dubai is exactly what you need. Of course, these golf holidays will be more expensive, but that’s understandable when it comes to the long haul flight and the glamour of the place! 5 Star golfing goes without saying in Dubai, and you’ll be staying in the lap of luxury – perfect if you’re thinking of combining a Winter golf holiday with celebrating a special occasion.

Whenever you decide is the perfect location for your Winter golf break, here at Glencor Golf we will make it happen for you. Just give us a call or head to our Special Offers page to get started!

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