Spain Golf Holidays

If you’re planning a golf holiday in Europe, Spain is probably one of the places you’re strongly considering. Spanish golf holidays are a very popular choice for golf lovers and players all over the world.

In a similar way to how it first became popular in neighbouring Portugal, golf in Spain exploded in popularity in the late 20th century, during a massive wave in tourism from the UK. As golf is such a popular sport in the UK, it’s no wonder that courses and resorts began to open up in warmer climes; so that Brits could finally play their favourite sport in the sunshine!


La Cala Golf Resort Is One Of Spain’s Most Popular Golf Holiday Destinations

Before Spain became such a popular holiday destination, golf has actually been played here for centuries, albeit in a very amateur form! British engineers brought the sport over during the 1800s, and its popularity caught on casually among the local people. However, it really was the tourism boom of the 1980s that put Spain on the map as a golf holiday destination.

Nowadays, Spain is one of the most popular golfing destinations, and Spanish golf holidays are loved by visitors from all over the world looking for an excellent round of golf!

Why Are Golf Holidays In Spain So Popular?

Spain is a beautiful country, so it’s no surprise people love to holiday and play golf there! There are some extra reasons Spain is such a great golfing destination, too.

Firstly, Spain is packed full of golf resorts and courses; there’s so much variety to choose from, you’ll never have to visit the same place twice (unless you want to, of course!) Whatever type of golf experience you’re looking for, whether that’s golfing by day, partying by night, or a upmarket luxury golf hotel, you can find what you’re looking for in Spain.

The original home of golf  is the Costa Del Sol, on the south coast which boasts over 70 courses and has been popular for decades with British and Irish golfers. In more recent years, new regions have provided fantastic alternatives including the Costa Blanca which benefits from regular low cost flights from most UK and Irish airports to Alicante and offers the night life of Benidorm whilst slightly further south you have the thriving region of Murcia which has a number of golf resorts including La Manga Club, Mar Menor and Roda Golf And Beach Resort, all of which offer great stay and play packages and high quality golf.  

With the popularity of golf holidays increasing in recent years, so has the varying types of golf holidays you can experience here. All inclusive golf holidays in Spain provide group organisers with a stress free option – there is no need to keep a kitty for beers or tally up who ate what in the restaurant after a meal. Another popular option is unlimited golf – this often means the tour operator pre-books the first tee time of the day and if your legs hold out you can book a second round locally so you can maximise on your time on the fairways.

Marconfort Griego Hotel

Marconfort Griego Hotel In Torremolinos Is Popular For All Inclusive Breaks

Then, there’s the weather to think about. For those of you who regularly play golf in the freezing cold rain, the thought of strolling around a pristine golf course in the beautiful, warming sunshine is too tempting to stand! In Southern areas of the country, there can be up to 200 days of sun a year, meaning it’s a great year round destination. Spain’s lovely weather means play is uninterrupted and always very enjoyable – you’ll definitely catch a tan!

Lastly, Spain is a large country, and so there is a lot of variation in the layout and style of courses. Depending on the terrain and nature of an area, the courses will differ, meaning there’s a huge choice of courses across the country, whether you fancy a flat round, a round with lots of slopes and hills, or bodies of water to keep things interesting.

Whatever you think is the definitive reason, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing golfing experience on a Spanish golfing holiday. Now, where exactly would you like to go?! Fill out our booking form or contact us for more information and advice planning your golf holiday in Spain.