What To Take On Your Golf Holiday

A Guide Of Items To Pack For Your Golf Holiday

Such is the rise of budget airlines these days, most golfers on a short golf holiday now like to travel light and only take hand luggage when setting off on their Costa Del Sol Golf Holiday or to any other sunny destination!

There is a fine art in taking just the right amount of equipment on your golf holiday without getting hit with additional baggage fees! First up is golf balls. Most golf holiday destinations will have local golf ball sellers on the side of the road leading up to the local golf courses selling “lost and lake” balls for around a euro per ball. Although often frowned upon by the local courses, as long as the sellers do not sell on the golf courses property this is a great place to pick up some bargain balls to see you through your golf holiday.

Other essentials are the obvious holiday staple items. Suncream, insect repellent and an Alka Seltzer are perfect for those playing golf in the midday sun as well as enjoying a drink or three on their golf holidays!

Golfers must take proper golf shoes with them (without metal spikes) as they may be turned away if trying to play in trainers or other unsuitable types of footwear.

For travel money we recommend using any of the local high street vendors in the UK as most offer a competitive rate, or alternatively we have found from experience cash machines abroad are as good as anything and very convenient. Do not however use any of the foreign exchange providers at the airport as the rates they provide are astonishingly low and can lead to your sepending money not going so far on your golf holiday!