Top Golf Items To Travel With

There’s still plenty of opportunities to enjoy golf this summer at home and abroad so if you’ve been inspired by some of the magic at Troon then don’t delay, but make sure you have these essentials before you hit the course.

The bag

A good round of golf can come down to a simple matter of preparation and nothing says that more than your bag. It’s an essential part of your game and although it’s true you won’t go very far without your clubs the bag also has an impact on how much you will enjoy the course.

Whether you’re strolling or riding around the fairways it’s important that the bag serves its major function of carrying your clubs and kit. A lightweight bag that is durable, resistant and has enough storage for all your needs is crucial but there are now plenty of options that mean bags can double up as a piece of luggage.

golf bag 1

The essentials

If you’re heading on a golf holiday abroad it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the necessary equipment packed with you before reaching your destination.

While you clearly don’t want to be carrying more than you need, making certain allowances can mean you end up saving a bit of money so it’s a good idea to make sure you have ample amounts of balls and tees.

Unfamiliar courses can mean losing more balls than you’re used to and if you need to stock up abroad you’ll have to pay a premium price.

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Get kitted out

Being open to the elements can bring completely different challenges depending on where you are, so don’t allow yourself to be caught out.

It’s always good to be mindful that the weather can change at the drop of a hat but if you’re heading for sunnier climes then a hat and shades are a must, but at the other end of the spectrum you have to be ready for the heavens to open up so make sure you have your waterproofs.

One thing you can’t be without, regardless of the weather, are shoes. If you’re looking to cram in as much golf as possible during the time that you’re away then you’ll want be sure you’ve got a comfortable pair with you that suit the climate.

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Top tech

Heading into unknown territory can be a worrying factor on a golf course, even if you are on holiday.

There’s only so much local knowledge you can use to your advantage before stepping out onto that first tee, so it’s always handy having a little something to give you the important course details.

Having a GPS watch or Laser Range-Finder can shed some of that uncertainty that comes with playing on a new course and any assistance that allows you to get accurate yardage could help you save money on lost balls.

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