The Worst Golfing Christmas Gifts

How Many Of The Worst Golfing Christmas Gifts Have You Received?

We’ve all been there. Tearing the wrapping paper in anticipation wondering what could be inside. Then it hits you, you smile and say thanks for a dozen Dunlop DDH golf balls. We all know a golf holiday (Subtle) is the best Christmas Gift, however enjoy our list below of the worst ones we have come across in the office!

1. Exploding Golf Balls

Fool your golfing buddies with this great ball that explodes on impact. Great, what a laugh. Apart from they blatantly look like plastic golf balls and do not resemble a real ball in the slightest, hence it’s impossible to fool your partners!

2. Indoor Putting Machine

Practice your putting on the shagpile carpet with these great machines which return each successful putt with what can only be described as a 100 decibel motor! Your wife/husband will soon have it banished to the cupboard as the noise becomes unbearable!

3. Portable Golf Ball Washer

Clean your golf balls anywhere with this great device that clips to your bag. Great, apart from the times where you can only clean your ball on the tee or green where, rather handily, most golf courses place their own, durable golf ball washers!

4. Golf Score Counter

Keep your playing partners waiting on the tee while you delicately input everyone’s score into your new digital scorecard. Can it record specific stats like fairways or greens hit? Nope. It simply records your score. Sometimes the simple things in life such as a pencil and a scorecard work best!

5. Golf Ball Finding Glasses

Always losing balls in the rough? Wish they stood out more so you could see them easily? Well now they do with these golf ball finding glasses. Hmmm…

6. Non-Laser Range Finder

Not to be confused with the laser devices, these great little devices tell you how far you have to the flag. Simply line up the flag with the scale on the viewfinder for an “accurate” yardage. Variables such as not having a steady hand and flags being different sizes are not taken into account!

7. Anti-Slice Tees

Got a slice? Well this tiny bit of plastic that is not legal in competitions should help stop that ball slicing out of bounds…

8. Golf Utility Belt

Looking for somewhere to store your water, tees, phone, balls and wallet? Well don’t put them in your golf bag. Oh no, look like the king of the course with this great utility belt and wrap them round your waist so they are always within easy reach!

9. Golf Club Urinal

Caught short on the golf course? Well your partners will never notice when you take relieve in this great golf club urinal. A fake golf club you store in your bag and urinate into without anyone knowing. Just don’t make eye contact with your partners whilst doing so!

10. Golfing Boxer Shorts

Well, nothing is as big of a turn on as a man in novelty golf boxer shorts is it!

As always, this article is meant in jest so please do not be offended if you have given or received any of the above items in the past!

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