The New Season Is Upon Us!

With the new season fast approaching we are getting all giddy in the Glencor Golf Holidays Office! With the nights getting lighter and the clocks about to go back, we have had a look at the best things about Summer Golf!

1) Playing in short sleeves

There is something quite liberating about taking off the sweater, stuffing it in your bag and strolling down the fairways in short sleeves! Most people travel on a golf holiday to the Costa Del Sol  to experience this joy in the winter months, however on the two or three sunny days we have in the UK there is nothing better! Why not take advantage of the good weather and book a UK golf break today?

2) Evening Golf

We’ve all seen the golfer in the office. Come 5.30pm he is practically running to his car in the hope to beat the traffic and make his 6pm tee time. After a busy day in the office the satisfaction from a few evening holes is hard to beat. “Working late again tonight darling, will be a couple of hours” can be heard from a number of mobile phones in the club car park!

3) Long Drives

Ok, the ground is almost concrete. It was downhill with a helping breeze, but you hit that drive 300 yards. Well done you!

4) The Post Round Pint

Again, another simple pleasure only a golfer would understand. Sitting in the clubhouse, on the terrace with the sun shinning after posting a good score in the monthly medal. Glorious!

5) The Atmosphere

Something magical happens at golf clubs when the sun is shining. People become friendlier and new acquaintances are met on those sunny summer nights when members join together on the 1st tee for a few holes. Some great friendships are made on the golf course!

6) No More Boggy Courses

Plugged lies are a thing of the past. Casual water is a distant memory. This is golf at it’s finest!

7) Freshly Cut Grass

The smell of freshly cut grass whilst walking down the fairways takes me back to my junior golf days. A great scent which envokes images of golf, fun and friends!

What’s your best thing about summer golf? Let us know!


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