The Golf Holiday Checklist

You’re all booked. Your holiday is marked on the calendar, and you’ve started counting down the days. The only thing left is to pack your suitcase. And make sure all your transfers are booked. Oh, and to make sure you have the right travel insurance…

Unfortunately there are some logistics to sort out once you’ve booked a holiday, but fear not. This golf holiday checklist is designed to help you get everything ready.

Just read through the list and make sure you’ve done everything, and you’ll be good to go.

Things to remember… Before you go

preparing for a holiday

✅ Give us the info we need to make sure your booking runs smoothly.

We will use this to make sure you aren’t waiting around too long for transfers, and to help avoid hassle at check-in.

Here’s the information we need:

    • Your postal address
    • Your flight details (where relevant)
    • Other transport details (for UK bookings, or those using Eurotunnel or similar)


✅ Send us the Rooming List for your party.

This is so we can make sure everyone is booked into the right rooms.


✅ Collate your travel documentation.

We recommend keeping at least one physical copy of this, as well as digital copies.

We issue travel documents approximately 14 days before your departure date, providing your balance has been paid in full.


✅ Triple check your airport.

The amount of times we’ve heard stories of people looking up in confusion at the Gatwick departure boards, wondering why their flight isn’t showing, only to realise they’re supposed to be flying from Heathrow.

And when this happens, it’s rarely a story with a happy ending.

Take the time to be 110% certain that you are planning around the right airports.


✅ Take out travel insurance.

This isn’t compulsory, but we definitely recommend it. It’s better than being caught short and having to pay out the nose to get home.

We’ve written a guide to choosing golf insurance that will help you find the right policy.


✅ Make any advanced bookings you need.

This could include:

Transport to and from the airport, your hotel, and golf courses.

The convenience of paying for a taxi or shuttle service often outweighs the fact that the price will be higher than public transport.

Renting a car is another popular option, as it gives you complete freedom to explore the region.

Buggies for your equipment while playing.

If your booking doesn’t specifically mention a buggy, then one isn’t reserved. You can get in touch with us before your trip to reserve a buggy, subject to each course’s buggy reservation policies.

The games of golf you want to play!


Things to remember… When packing

A man standing in a departure lounge

✅ Bring what you need for the journey:

Your travel documentation: tickets, boarding passes, and so on.

Your passport to let you cross the border. We’ve heard too many stories of people forgetting their passports and not being able to go on holiday, so triple check this!


✅ Bring what you need for playing golf:

This list is not exhaustive:

    • Your clubs, unless you’re renting some when you get there.
    • Golf balls. These are quite important and it’s cheaper to take your own.
    • Tees, as above.
    • Any markers you might need while playing.
    • Clothes that fit the golf course dress code.
    • Any other clothing for the course: golf gloves, golf shoes, the right socks, etc.


✅ Bring what you need for leisure time:

We’re not going to write a full packing list for you, but don’t forget to bring clothes that are suitable for a night out on the town.

Also remember your swimming gear if there’s a pool at your hotel.


Things to remember… When you arrive

arriving at a hotel

Find your booked transport.

Shuttles, transfers, and rentals will usually be managed by desks in the arrivals area of the airport.

Just find the desk with the right livery, and confirm your booking. Keep in mind these definitions:

    • A transfer is a private service for your group.
    • A shuttle is an organised service – usually free of charge – that may be used by passengers outside of your group.


✅ Check your rental car for damage.

It’s always worth having a quick look around any rental car and making a note of any damage, in case they try to pin it on you later on. Take pictures of any bumps or scratches.


Pick up any rental clubs from the airport.

If you’ve rented clubs to be picked up at the airport, make sure you collect them.

Some car rental companies partner with golf club rental companies, and they’ll put your clubs in the boot of your rental car. If you’ve opted for this arrangement, have a quick look that they’re definitely there.


Check in to your hotel.

By this point you should have everything you need. Check in and head to the beach, the bar, or your bed depending what time of day it is!


Things to remember… On the course

Balls on the golf green

✅ Pick up your clubs.

If you reserved clubs from the course, grab them before you play.


✅ Pick up your buggy.

As above: if you reserved a buggy, now’s the time to pick it up.


✅ Confirm the time of your games.

Remember, some courses may have a Four Ball Policy.

Where this is the case, courses reserve the right to send groups out in 4-balls to maximize availability. This means a party of 6 would may be booked as a 4 and a 2 ball.


✅ Play!

This is what you came to do, so enjoy it.

If you have booked unlimited golf, bear in mind that only the first 18 holes for each day are guaranteed.

Any additional rounds or holes must be requested at the course on the day, and these will be subject to availability.

If the course is fully booked, or extra rounds cannot be added for another reason, we are unable to offer be refunds or compensation.

Unlimited golf only applies to specific packages and will be clearly stated on your confirmation if applicable.

This list covers all the things that people sometimes forget. If you’ve done everything on the list, you should be good to go.