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Spanish Golf Breaks In Almeria

If you’re looking for a Spanish golf break that will give you endless sunshine, incredible golf courses and stunning beaches, all without breaking the bank, then look no further than Almeria.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Almeria is an area of the Southern coast of Spain, that has only really emerged as a golf destination in recent years. It is rapidly expanding and becoming popular with golfers; in a few years’ time, it is sure to become the most sought after golf break in Spain!

The fact that Almeria is a recent addition to the golfing landscape means that it is still excellent value, and you can find amazing deals for Spanish golf breaks here. When you see  courses you’ll play on and the accommodation you’ll stay in, you won’t be able to believe the price you paid!

Almeria Is The Perfect Location For A Golf Break

The courses themselves are really great, and you’ll be able to while away the hours playing round after round in the sunshine. One of the courses is the Desert Springs Golf Course, purpose built in Almeria and the only ‘desert style’ course to be developed in Europe. So not only will you be getting a bargain price, you’ll be getting to play on innovative courses you won’t find anywhere else in Spain.

Almeria’s location on the coast means there’s a lot more to the area than just golf. When you’ve finished playing for the day, you can head down to the beach to relax, or partake in some water sports. Or, you could explore the local towns for a bit of culture and a bite of something delicious to eat. It’s a really great ‘all rounder’ location, which is brilliant if you’re don’t want to spend your holiday just playing golf.

There’s tonnes of lovely accommodation in Almeria and the surrounding areas, and many of the resorts have onsite hotels if you’re looking for something more all inclusive. And the greatest thing about Almeria is the weather – it’s Southern location means it gets more sun than any other part of Spain – it couldn’t get more perfect for golfing!

Almeria is the ideal place for a budget Spanish golf break, somewhere that is low on cost but very high on quality – get a break here booked before everyone else catches on!