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The Most Famous Golf Course In Portugal: Penina Golf Resort

If you’re planning your first golf break in Portugal, you may need some ideas about the best resorts or hotels to stay in during your stay. There are so many resorts to choose from, it can become a little bit overwhelming to find the perfect one. While there are hundreds of excellent golf resorts across Portugal, the most famous and known all over the world has to be the Penina. If you are searching for the ultimate golf course in Portugal, Penina is the place to be; fellow golf fans will be very impressed!

What Is The Penina Golf Resort?

The most iconic golf resort in Portugal, Penina showcases 360 acres of golf course and resort. In fact, it’s the only resort in the country that is home to three stunning courses, so during your stay here you can mix and match where you play.

The resort is considered to be the best resort in the Algarve area of Portugal, and it’s also the oldest. The first golf course in Portugal was built here and is still in use today. Pioneered by the late, great golfer and architect Sir Henry Cotton, the course now bears his name and has been the site of the Portuguese Open and numerous other competitions. It’s one of the most beautiful and entertaining courses in the country, and golfers from across the world come to experience playing on this famous course.

The Penina Golf Resort Today

The Sir Henry Cotton Course may be most famous golf course in Portugal, but the two other courses at Penina are equally enjoyable, and will ensure that your holiday golfing is always taking place on beautiful, well looked after courses. The variety on offer means no day or round of your holiday will be the same; or you could decide which course is your favourite and stick to that one!

The courses surround the brilliant 5 star hotel itself where you can unwind every evening. Staying onsite in such a wonderful hotel means that if someone if your group doesn’t feel like heading out to the golf courses, they will be still be entertained and enjoying themselves.

Whether you want to stay onsite for the duration of your holiday, or simply come and play on one of the courses for the day, the Sir Henry Cotton Course at Penina is the most famous golf course in Portugal for a reason, and you must come and experience it!

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