Money Saving Tips For Your Golf Holiday Or Break


As we have previously mentioned on this blog, we acknowledge that organising a golf holiday is often incredibly stressful and time consuming but we’ve got some tips and advice which might help make it all worth while and save you some money!

Eight is the Magic Number

Lots of the golf resorts and golf courses, including those in Spain and Portugal, provide a discount when there are at least 8 people in the party. Many of them offer the 8th place free which brings the cost per person down when averaged out. It’s definitely worth the effort in trying to persuade a few more guys from the club house to come on a golf holiday or break if you have a group of five or six.

Transfers For Groups And Car Hire For Couples

There is further opportunity to save money when organising transport – larger groups should consider private transfers as the cost can be split between more people, making the per person price cheaper. However for smaller groups such as two to four golfers, it might be worth considering car hire as the rental of a large minibus and driver could be quite considerable, especially if looking for golf transfers as well as airport transfers.

Early Booking Discounts

Unlike a traditional package holiday, golf holidays and breaks often provide their discounting the earlier you book. For instance, many hotels provide a sliding scale of discounts at 30, 60 and 90 days in advance. Be sure to check on our Special Offers where Early Booking Discounts are applied!

Travel Dates

For golf holidays and breaks in Spain and Portugal, it’s peak season in October but prices are often slightly less in September despite there being little difference in temperature. Be sure to use our date picker on the Special Offer pages to see how the prices change dependent on your proposed time of travel.

All Inclusive Food And Drink

Another possible opportunity to save money, especially if travelling with a large group looking to enjoy a few beers on the evening after golf is to look for an all inclusive golf holiday. Having all your food and drinks included means you don’t have to worry about managing a drinks kitty or even a limit on how much you eat and drink (keep it sensible – don’t ruin the golf!).

Stock Up On Snacks And Balls Before You Hit The Course

Whilst on your golf holiday, another money saving tip is to stock up on snacks such as water, soft drinks and chocolate bars ahead of arriving at the golf course where prices can be slightly more expensive. The same can be applied to golf balls where there are a number of sellers on the approach to the golf courses, particularly in the Costa Del Sol.

Got your own money saving tips for booking a golf holiday or break? Share them below!