A Heatwave In The UK!

If you’re anything like us here at Glencor Golf Holidays, you will have been making the most of the annual 10 hot days that we seem to be rationed here in Britain! We’ve paid our dues all year… We’ve grudgingly heaped on layer upon layer of thermals, we’ve invested in our golf-chic waterproofs, we’ve trudged face first into the sleet and watched, helplessly, as the wind blew our ball into the bunker (yes, it was the wind). So you can imagine our eager little faces pressed up against the windows of Glencor Towers from about May onwards, watching in anticipation to see if the sun wins its struggle to peek out from behind the clouds. It may have kept us waiting, but it would seem that the British summer is finally here!

Excited as we are to be able to stroll along the fairways in the sun, unfortunately, the glorious weather can bring its own downfalls, as we here at Glencor Golf Holidays have discovered to our detriment. The first of these goes without saying: golfer’s tan. It would seem that spending 4 hours in the sun can have a slightly undesirable effect on pigmentelly challenged amongst us; for some reason, having mahogany arms up to the bicep and a pasty white chest is not the optimum poolside look… Who knew? And when you add in the lone Mickey Mouse hand, it starts to get a bit embarrassing.

Another pitfall can be feeling like you have to spend every available moment in the sun, rare as it is. We here at Glencor Golf Holidays do this every year, and we never learn our lesson. It’s only when we are staring down the last hole, sweaty and bedraggled, flopped over our clubs, an empty shell of the human being that we were when we tee’d off, do we remember that actually, there is such a thing as too much sun.

But who are we kidding? We know that we’ll all do the same thing again next year! If only for the reason that there is nothing quite like looking out over that beautiful expanse of green with the sun shining on your face; nothing like that sense of contentment of being in the great weather, playing absolutely great golf.

So, what are we going to do when the sky turns grey and the air turns cold? How will we cope when Britain returns to its usual climate and we can see our breath as we play? We could pack our clubs away for the winter with a tearful, ‘See you in six months, guys’. But that’s not Glencor Golf Holidays’ style, and we could never endorse a golf-less season!  With that in mind, why not consider booking a winter golf holiday – after all, why should you have to miss out on tee-ing off in the sun? We make sure that we source the very best winter golf holidays for our customers… Why not check out of £99 Costa Del Sol offer listed below?

We’ll even provide a ‘don’t pack your long-johns’ guarantee!*

*Not legally binding – we have no control over when you wear your long-johns…

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