Winter Sun Golf Holidays

Many UK and Irish golfers put their clubs away in October and don’t start playing again till March or April. It's understandable that they do as the prospect of playing through the UK’s two coldest months, January and February, ploughing through muddy fairways onto rough temporary greens is not very appealing.

Add in the fact that we are often wearing so many clothes that its hard to make a proper swing then the prospect of sitting by a warm fire with a warm drink looks like a better idea than playing on a Saturday afternoon!

However, there is an alternative that will enable you to play golf in much better conditions and grab some sunshine at the same time….

Although the worlds climates and weather patterns seem to be changing, it's far more likely that you will find sunshine and drier conditions over in the Mediterranean and its practically guaranteed if you fly further afield to destinations in the Middle East such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You can even go to the Far East with Thailand being a popular destination for a winter golf break.

The closest destinations to the UK where you would need to be applying the sun cream in the Winter months are Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Or slightly further afield and more exotic Turkey and Morocco are attracting vast numbers of UK golfers looking for the chance to make golf an all-year-round sport.

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