Budget Golf Holiday Deals

We’ve collated some of the best value budget golf deals in Europe to make your money go further on your golf break! These hand picked offers are often in ‘up and coming’ destinations or places off the beaten track - true hidden gems.

Budget Golf Holiday Deals

If you’re on a tighter budget at the moment and on the lookout for a slightly cheaper golf break, you might be worrying that you’re not going to be able to find anywhere that totally fits the bill. Perhaps you think that in order to fit within your price range, the holiday will need to compromise on something – be that the quality of the golf course, or the standard of the hotel. Here at Glencor Golf, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case at all! Just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience a number of fantastic, budget golf holidays.

The best bet for a golf holiday that stays on the right side of your budget is to opt for a location that’s easy to fly to – so popular, European golfing areas are a perfect choice. The new ‘Pound Proof Deals’ are our hand picked European golf holiday and break offers on Glencor Golf Holidays’ website, with the focus being on quality accommodation and golf at an affordable price in regions or places you may not have considered before. Our aim is to ensure you and your group get the most for your pound on a European golf holiday!

Budget Golf Holiday Deals Locations

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FAQs About Pound Proof Deal Golf Holidays

What are Pound Proof Deals?

We launched Pound Proof Deals to cater for golfers looking to find great quality at an exceptional price – these deals are often in destinations or resorts that we consider to be hidden gems or up and coming!

What makes a destination Pound Proof?

We’ve hand picked resorts that offer quality golf and accommodation for a cheap price in comparison to other resorts or destinations which may typically be more well known.

Are all-inclusive holidays included?

Of course! These types of holidays are often the most cost effective because there are no hidden surprises when you arrive and you can budget before travelling. We have some excellent half board and Semi-All inclusive options too which would suit golfers who are out playing during lunch.

Do you include flights on Pound Proof Deals?

No, we always suggest booking flights yourself, especially if travelling on a budget! This is the most cost effective way and saves you the administration charge other tour operators give you for simply doing something that you can do easily yourself.