Multi-Course Golf Tours

When you’re planning a golf holiday, sometimes you will have ‘old favourite’ destinations, places you’ve been to time and time again, where you love to play golf all day and socialise all evening. However; if you’re not particularly tied down to one place, or it’s the first time you’re organising a golfing trip of any kind, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect destination. There are so many brilliant golf courses, resorts and hotels across the world, narrowing them down can be a tough decision. If you are having trouble choosing a golf resort, why not select one of our multi course golf tours and play a selection of incredible courses!

Our range of multi-course golf tours let you sample a wide range of courses whether you wish to experience a UK golf break or a golf holiday abroad. This is the perfect opportunity to tick off numerous courses on your bucket list and experience a range of different course layouts. Perfect if you are looking to travel to Thailand, Morocco, and Dubai where you may want to maximise your experience whilst travelling long haul.

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