Golf Holiday Tips

Glen from the office runs us through his top Golf Holiday Tips to help make your trip a great success with this blog post!

Golf Holiday Tips  #1 – Book early and save

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great last minute bargains to be had, however, in general, most golfers will save a significant amount by booking early. Most resorts offer early booking discounts of up to 30% in some cases. Add to this the discounted air fare for booking in advance and the early bird certainly does catch the worm (along with the prime tee times, obviously).

A great example is the Mar Menor Golf Resort which offers a 15% discount for those booking 45 days in advance.

Golf Holiday Tips  #2 – Use the ‘Pot System’

A great way of budgeting when away with the lads is the pot system. We’ve all been in that situation… You think you’re getting into a nice, steady round with reliable beer drinkers, but just as you’re about to go to the bar they decide to ‘make a night of it’ and you get stung for 3 double vodka and cokes, a flamboyant cocktail and sambuca shots all round. Nightmare.  To keep the resentment from eating away at you, all throw 30 or 40 euros into ‘The Pot’ and use this as the drinks kitty all night. It’s a fair for everyone and an empty pot also serves as handy prompt to make a dignified exit when everyone else starts hammering the cash machine at the end of the night… Best of all? A civilised evening means any excess funds can also be used for the drinks buggy on the course the next day!

Golf Holiday Tips  #3 – Travel light

A great way to save funds when flying is use your allocated weight allowance for your golf bag wisely. You can comfortably take hand luggage only for a 3 or 4 night break once you transfer bulky items such as shoes and those prohibited liquids into your golf flight case. Also, a convenient excuse for not wasting an afternoon trudging around tatty shops for souvenirs. No one actually appreciates novelty hats or miniature flamenco dancers anyway, trust me.

Book the Aroeira Golf Resort from only £89 and grab a bargain break when flying with hand luggage only.

Golf Holiday Tips  #4 – Arrange a meeting date with the group

We all know how hard it can be to get the guys together to agree on where to go and how much to spend on your golf holiday. The best way to avoid the inevitable indecisive few to make their minds up is to set a booking date and arrange a meeting the night before with the group. Be strict and state that all who pay their deposit will be booked for the day after, the rest are on their own. It will soon sort the men from the boys!

Golf Holiday Tips  #5 – Look for flight discount codes

Jet 2 and Monarch often release discount codes of 10% off, or £20 off return flights. Simply do a quick internet search for ‘Flight Discount Codes’ before you book and you could save a small fortune! Also, use to compare fares between all airlines to save time and money.

With Jet 2 offering great fares to Faro why not check out our range of Algarve Golf Holidays?

Golf Holiday Tips  #6 – 8 is the magic number

8 is a great number to travel with. With shared buggies, twin rooms, group discounts and a large number of resorts offering 1-in-8 free, travelling with 7 friends is often the most cost effective way for the holiday golfer to hit the fairways! You can also split into two 4-balls to ensure your group play together and can come up with some great individual or pairs formats. Golf Holidays in Turkey are great for giving 1 in 8 offers.

Golf Holiday Tips  #7 –Don’t be afraid to try somewhere new

We all flock to the Algarve or the Costa Del Sol as it’s a safe bet. Good courses and good nightlife are on offer, however, the resorts are aware of this and rooms and tee times fill quickly, hence they charge a premium. New resorts such as Murcia offer great, quiet courses and some amazing local cuisine. Escape the crowds and try somewhere new… Let’s be honest, we’re all capable of learning ‘a pint, please’ in a language other than English!

Golf Holiday Tips  #8 – Stock up on drinks on the way to the courses

It’s hot and thirsty work on the golf course. However, with drinks buggies charging up to 4 euros for a bottle of water, you can save a small fortune by stocking up on beverages at the petrol station on the way to the course, rather than panting like a dog in the midday sun.

Golf Holiday Tips  #9 – Give yourself plenty of time at the courses

Soak up the atmosphere of the courses, after all, it’s what your golf holiday is all about! Enjoy a pint or a light bite afterwards and get chatting with other like-minded golfers to discuss those tails of missed birdie putts or wayward drives out of bounds – trust me, there will always be someone with a more tragic tale than yours! The club house at La Cala Golf Resort is a personal favourite of mine!

Happy Golfing!


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