Glencor Hits The South Of France

It’s not easy working for Glencor Golf Holidays. We received an email from Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort and Spa, inviting us on a golf holiday in the South of France to sample their courses and we thought, ‘Pft… Flying to an up-and-coming resort in a notoriously beautiful part of France to play golf all day and drink wine all night… Must we go?’ But, alas, this is the cross that we here at Glencor Golf Holidays have to bear.

We were met at Girona airport by James, the Golf Director of Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort and Spa. And no, you didn’t read that wrong; we flew to Girona, Spain. Don’t worry – we didn’t have a mind blank at the airport and accidentally wander onto the wrong flight – it turns out that the resort is only 20 kilometres away from the Spanish boarder, so we ended up doing three countries in the space of two hours. Though we think that was a first, even for us seasoned golf holiday specialists. Now, we will admit that we were hesitant when we heard that our hotel transfer involved travelling into a different country to the one we landed in, but we went from tarmac to hotel room within an hour, and the journey through the Pyrenees Mountains was so picturesque that we wouldn’t have minded it being longer (as an aside, I think that I will have to consult my thesaurus for ‘picturesque’ numerous times while writing this blog…).

The hotel was 4* and was built in the ‘70s, but still had a classic, modern feel. Our room was spacious and equipped with everything we needed, and the hotel facilities were great. But, let’s cut to the chase, we all know that we’d spend four nights in a slightly musty cardboard box if it was conveniently located next to a fantastic golf course, so, I’ll crack on with the important stuff. The day after we got there we played the 18 hole course, which is a great in and of itself, but when you throw a mountain range and a huge natural lagoon in the background, the experience was even more immense. The day after we played the separate 9 hole course, which was a totally different experience to the first one but still just as fantastic. Speaking to James, we learned that the course was designed by the architect that is currently designing the majority of the courses in Dubai… Not too shabby.

Having already summarised that the golf was great, there are a couple of other things that we needed to mention. The first being the food… [insert Homer Simpson-style drooling noise here]. We are currently running our offers for Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort and Spa on a half board basis, which includes a comprehensive continental buffet for breakfast. In the evening, guests dine in the hotel’s elegant restaurant, which overlooks the course. As you might expect from a golf holiday in the South of France, the food was not the usual reheated chicken nuggets and chips that you would expect from a cheap and cheerful trip to Benidorm. Rather, we were formally served a three course meal which was a gastronomic delight. And, as the set menu options change each night and there is an outdoor buffet/barbecue option in summer, consisting of fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, it is impossible to get bored of the food at Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort and Spa.

We also have to mention what the beautiful area of Saint-Cyprien has to offer. The hotel is a 15 minute, lagoon-side walk away from the white beach and a short stroll down the promenade leads to the third largest port in Europe. About 3 kilometres down the beach is the town of Canet en Roussillon, which is home to Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort and Spa’s sister hotel, Les Flamants Roses (named after the flamingos that flock to the lagoon in September!). While Saint-Cyprien has a lovely, but comparatively small, spa, Les Flamants Roses is home to a stunning thalasso; the difference between a thalasso and a spa being that the water is collected 2 kilometres out at sea, filtered and pumped into the pool – this apparently has healing properties due to the salt content. Unfortunately, we here at Glencor Golf Holidays cannot vouch for the curative properties of the water, however, we can definitively confirm that the place was stunning, chic and it smelled fabulous! Which is why we had to include a trip here as part of our ‘golf, spa and wine tasting’ package, as it was simply too good to miss!

Seen as we were offering wine tasting in our exciting new offer, we here at Glencor Golf Holidays thought it would be remiss of us not to make sure the experience was good enough for our beloved customers… This is how committed we are to making sure you have an amazing time. Genuinely. So, we jumped in the car and were taken to Chateau Valmy to quaff some vin! Please allow me to set the scene: we were tootling along through the picturesque French countryside when, half way up a green mountain face we caught a glimpse of the Chateau embedded in the hillside, which was so beautiful we thought that we had somehow driven into a fairytale. The place was so much like the set of ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ that we thought that the crockery was going to start singing to us and serve us the wine itself! Despite the minor let-down when that didn’t happen, we got over it once we caught sight of the phenomenal ocean view and then sampled the gorgeous wine that Chateau Valmy has to offer. As quintessentially French clichés go, wine tasting in a fairytale Chateau definitively lived up to expectations.

All in all, our first golf holiday in the South of France turned out to exceed any expectations that we originally had; the food was phenomenal, the wine was delicious, the staff were brilliant and the resort was stunning. Oh, and the golf was good too…

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