Golf Books For Your Summer Holidays

No golfing holiday is complete without an absorbing book to get lost in. For golfing fanatics, life away from the course is never greener on the other side. However, captivating tales and fascinating stories from the world of golf can provide inspiration for your next round.

Whether it’s the creative precision behind the intricate designing of a golf course, advice on how to hit the perfect drive or revelations from a year on tour, there is an abundance of must-reads out there for every die hard golfer. Here is a selection of the leading golf books out there – guaranteed to enthrall as you gorge yourself on the summer rays.

Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die: Golfing Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations
by Chris Santella

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Needing ideas for your next golfing expedition? Then look no further. The attention to detail in this book is truly incredible, providing a fantasy list of golf courses that are essential venues for avid players to visit.

The author has taken the time to evade the most recognised and renowned courses from around the world, and instead allows those unsung gems their moment in their spotlight with all features ranging from location to architecture to atmosphere covered. Each course is connected to a golfing expert or celebrity personality and at least one is assured to capture your imagination.

Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect
by Dr. Bob Rotella

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Golfers at all levels can relate to the mental anguish and incalculable frustration that comes with picking up a club and then the feeling of hope over expectation in anticipation of where your ball is going to finish. The sole aim of this book is designed to help players improve, no matter what your handicap.

It has been lauded for years, jam-packed with motivational anecdotes relating to the finest golfers of all time and compiled by one of the most influential golfing performance consultants on the planet – Dr Bob Rotella. By removing complex situations and scenarios that players are familiar with, Rotella explains his philosophies and practices that help transforms these ordeals into simplistic concepts. Buying this book will prove to be a shrewd investment as even if your swing doesn’t change, your mindset will.

Around the World in 80 Rounds: Chasing a Golf Ball From Tierra del Fuego to the Land of the Midnight Sun
by David Wood

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For those seeking a light-hearted insight or craving a wild journey across the golfing hemisphere, the adventures of former stand-up comedian and humour columnist David Wood will lead you from sheer astonishment to side-splitting laughter.

At 47 years of age, Wood sold everything he owned and set out on an ambition of a lifetime. For one year he traveled the globe utilising every form of transportation imaginable to play the game he adores, covering every continent and swinging his clubs on some of the most secluded and remote golf courses that you didn’t even know existed. He visits golf courses in Spain, fairways in USA, and greens in Argentina. Throughout his expedition, Wood recounts how he bonds with strangers through their common love of golf and gives the reader a unique look into those characters’ way of life.

American Triumvirate: Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, and the Modern Age of Golf
by James Dodson

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A book ignited through Dodson’s passion as he documents the singular talents of three golfing marvels who saved the golfing tour and shaped the modern game as it is cherished today.

Impeccably researched and revealed in a compelling manner – the author describes the dramatic disposition of their rivalry and the unrivaled capacity of their play, depicted in a style that gives off the impression that he was there, present at the time of one of the most significant eras in the game’s colourful history.

Do you have any other recommendations for great books to read on your golf holiday? Leave your comments below…

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