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Looking for advice on the new requirements for testing and restrictions whilst on holiday? Please find a handy guide below with help and tips on how to find the cheapest Covid-19 tests. The below information was updated on 28/11/2021 and is intended as a guide only. You must refer to the FCO website for full and final details for your destination. The information provided assumes the departure/arrival airport is based in England and the traveler is fully vaccinated. Rules may differ in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Where can I find the most up to date Covid travel information for my destination?

Check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Website for your country of travel. This will provide up to the minute information for your destination, along with the current entry requirements for the country. It is vitally important the entry requirements are read and understood. Handy links can be found below:

Information on local restrictions and social distancing can be found on the relevant tourist board websites as below. We strongly recommend you visit the relevant website for your destination to ensure you are up to date with any restrictions and local rules (such as Mask Wearing / Nightlife curfews (if any)  / Capacity Restrictions).

Do I need a test to before flying to my destination?

If applicable, you may need to pre-book a covid-19 test in order to gain entry to your chosen destination. The below table shows the requirements for the main destinations, valid as 28/11/2021. The below data assumes the departure country is England and the passenger is fully vaccinated (14+ days after your second vaccination). Please check the requirements on the FCO website if you are not currently fully vaccinated.

Destination Test Required Before Entry? Test Type Accepted
Belgium* Yes PCR
Bulgaria Yes PCR
Cyprus No N/A
France No N/A
Morocco* No N/A
Portugal (Mainland) Yes Lateral Flow or PCR
Spain (Mainland)** No N/A
Spain (Mallorca)** No N/A
Spain (Canary Islands)** No N/A
Turkey No N/A

* Belgium and Morocco are not currently allowing UK citizens entry for leisure travel

** From 1st Dec 2021, Spain (and its Islands) will only allow entry to fully vaccinated travelers.

Pre-Travel tests (for entry into your holiday destination) can be booked through a number of different private operators.

Do I need to take a test before returning home?

For return to England, a test whilst away is no longer required.

Do I need to take a test after returning home?

From 30th November 2021, you must now book a PCR Test, in advance of travel, to be ready to be taken on or before day 2 of your return home. You must have the booking number for your day 2 test handy to add this information to your Passenger Locator Form. You must quarantine at home whilst waiting for the result of your PCR Test. A number of testing operators can offer a same day service for those returning home, to be taken on the day of return (often at the arrival airport), to reduce the quarantine requirements.

The above testing requirements and information, again assumes you are fully vaccinated, and arriving in England from a Green or Amber list destination. If you are not fully vaccinated then please double check the current requirements on the FCO website.

Where Can I Book/Order A Test?

Generally you will find your airline offers discount codes for a number of testing suppliers. We would highly recommend checking on their website for the best available rates.

A collection of suppliers and example prices can be found below. Please note these are provided as a guide only, Glencor Golf Holidays Ltd have no connection to the third party operators and accept no responsibility for their services.

Outbound Test (for destinations requiring a test to allow entry)

Supplier Type Of Test Price
Randox PCR £43
Breathe Assured Antigen (with Video Consultation) £45
Chronomics Antigen (Self Administer) £28
C19 Testing Antigen (Self Administer) £29
Eurofins PCR £45
Flysurance Anitgen (Self Administer) £32

A number of UK Airports also offer pre-travel tests for convenience.

Day 2 (Or Before) PCR Test (required for fully-vaccinated travelers on return to England)

Your Day 2 Test must be pre-booked before you commence your holiday as the booking reference number is required for the Passenger Locator Form.

A list of the Government approved testing suppliers can be found here –

How do I prove my vaccination status?

For fully vaccinated clients based in England, please visit the NHS Website, or download the NHS app. Once logged in, a QR Code for travel can be generated as proof of your vaccination status.

Do I need to fill in extra forms before departure (Outbound)?

Most destinations require you to complete a brief form before you are granted entry. These generally must be completed approx 48 hours before you board your flight, you may be denied boarding if you have not completed the relevant forms. Please visit the FCO website and search for your arrival country for the most up to date entry requirements and links to the relevant forms.

Do I need to fill in extra forms before departure (Coming Home)?

A Passenger Locator Form must be completed in the website, no more than 48 hours before your flight home. You will need your booking reference for your Day 2 PCR test to hand to enter this information on the form as proof of your pre-booked test.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

We highly recommend adequate travel insurance is pre-purchased prior to departure, with full Covid Cover. A number of policies now offer cover for eventualities such as being unable to travel due to testing positive, or additional travel costs if forced to quarantine locally.

Please note the above information is intended as a guide only. Glencor Golf Holidays Ltd accept no responsibility for any financial loss due to incorrect/out of date information or the performance of any third party company linked to from this page. The information is provided as a guide for travel to/from England for Fully Vaccinated clients. For full and final information please visit the FCO website in good time prior to travel in order to familiarise yourself with the requirements. Your airline will also be on hand to provide further information as the provider of your travel arrangements.