We Visit The Open 2017

Some of the Glencor Golf team had a day out at The Open 2017 yesterday when Glen and Peter escaped the office to watch the world’s best golfers play Royal Birkdale. In our opinion it’s the best of the UK Open venue in terms of logistics, organisation and viewing. The sand dunes that line most of the holes provide perfect spots to get a good view from and, despite what seemed to us to be one of the biggest crowds for an opening day, it was easy to follow the action.

Glencor Golf Visit The Open 2017 at Royal Birkdale

The Open has changed considerably over the years mostly for the better and in terms of facilities it was hard to beat what was on offer. There was an overwhelming array of food available at many points throughout the round and of course it wasn’t the same price as you would find at home but considering the nature of the event it wasn’t excessively overpriced. The queues for the bars and other amenities were not too bad and the service was quick and efficient.

We do miss the old exhibition tent where you could see a massive range of products on display including golf clubs whereas nowadays its just one clothing manufacturer after another offering branded merchandise at inflated prices.

After arrival and a bacon sandwich it was off to the practice ground to sit and watch how the world’s best players hit the ball close up. Immediately you notice the difference in sound they make when striking a ball compared to us mere amateurs, and the trajectory of the ball flight is also completely different. Hopefully we will have learnt something but watching Adam Scott hitting ball after ball perfectly could also easily make you give up the game! One thing that was clear was even at this level the players are still receiving help and instruction from a coach or technology as most were either using Trackman to give them feedback or they’d have a coach standing watching them.

Glencor Golf Visit The Open 2017 at Royal Birkdale 3

There were more than human stars on show as one of the most impressive performances came from Jet the falcon and his handler. Considering we were at the seaside with a large amount of food on offer there were a distinct lack of sea gulls. The reason why became obvious when we spotted Jet on the hand of his handler. All he had to do was point Jet in the direction of 5 circling sea gulls and they were off in a flash. Highly effective and interesting to watch.

The course was in fantastic condition though the greens didn’t appear to be lightning quick and as the weather is forecast to get worse as the week goes on a thrilling finish looks to be in-store. We can’t wait for the weekend to watch the rest of the action on television!

What are your thoughts on 146th The Open so far?

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