Turkey Increases In Popularity For A Golf Holiday In 2018

Golf has been played in Turkey since the 19th century but its only since the turn of the last century that it has established itself as one of the premier golfing destinations. Having seen the effect on the economies that golf tourism had in Spain and Portugal the Turkish government provided funds and land to help develop the Mediterranean region around Belek into a spectacular golfing paradise.


Turkey Offers Golfers Some Of Europe’s Most Pristine Courses!

As they were just starting to develop golf in the area and having had the benefit of seeing what other countries had done they could start from scratch and avoid many of the mistakes that other countries had made. They got some of the worlds leading golf course architects to design a number of different golf courses and then built super luxury hotels to go with them. That combined with its excellent winter climate in itself wouldn’t have been enough to attract the number of visitors that there investment required so they needed another marketing ploy and they pioneered the concept of all inclusive golfing holidays. This had immense appeal to European golfers as they knew exactly what their holiday was going to cost and catapulted the destination into the mainstream of golfing holiday destinations.

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All of this lead to a rapid growth of golfing visitors and a lot of repeat business. Unfortunately, the political situation and the regions closeness to Syria saw a decline in bookings as people perceived that the area was becoming unstable last year. However there have been no major incidents in the main tourist areas and the UK Government has never suggested that people don’t travel there as long as they are more than ten kilometres from the Syrian border. This has thankfully lead to restoring peoples confidence in the Belek region and there has been an upsurge of bookings. In fact, so popular is Turkey as a destination for 2018 that EasyJet have just announced they have increased seats by 600,000 to meet expected demand. Unlike other golfing destinations the hotels and golf courses have kept the prices at a similar level to  previous years so in comparison with them they represent tremendous value for money especially when you take into account the fact that they are providing all-inclusive holidays.


Experience Night Golf At Carya Golf Club – Home Of The Turkish Open

There is no doubt that Turkey will regain its place as one of the leading golfing destinations and if you are looking for excellent 5 star accommodation, great golf courses and a suitable climate for winter golf than now would be a good time to go and visit this golfing mecca.