Rubbish Christmas Gifts For Golfers

christmas gifts

It’s that time of year again when golfers look somewhat in fear as they open their presents from well meaning relatives. I am sure we have all seen the oblong box shaped package carefully wrapped up from some distant relative and know whats coming. Sure enough it’s a dozen golf balls but unfortunately rather than the Titleists or Srixons you normally play with it’s a special offer pack of Top Flites or Pinnacles or even worse Donnays that you will never ever use. Still, it’s the thought that counts!

Speciality golf socks with some bizarre and inappropriate design on the them are another ageing relatives favourites gifts. I am not sure quite why they think we would be seen wearing a pair of blue socks with Homer Simpson swinging a golf club printed on them in front of our friends and peers but its another present crossed off their to buy list I suppose.

Head covers used to be a favourite but nowadays most modern drivers have their own specialist design to fit the particular shape of the head. Years ago most golfers had a matching set of covers but nowadays because the manufacturers have realised that they can plaster their brand name over the covers to increase brand awareness this has lead to most of us having a fairly eclectic mix of covers rather then one matching set. Novelty covers in the shape of animals are also a popular gift. I am not sure at what age you grow out of having your driver clothed in the shape of a bull dog smoking a cigar but I would suggest once you are past 30 its time to be a little more conservative.

Certainly there are a lot of accessory packs that include such things as golf ball monogrammers that are sold in many department stores. Over the years I have received a few of these and have tried to personalise my golf balls by using one. The novelty of doing this soon wore off as I realised there were far better things to do with my time and using a sharpie pen was much quicker and more efficient.

So what do you buy the golfer in your life? Assuming that you wont be spending thousands of pounds on a Trackman system which would be at the top of most peoples wish list I would suggest two simple solutions. Firstly why not give them a gift voucher for a golf holiday with Glencor Golf . They can use that to book a golf break of their choice and secondly why not book some golf lessons with the local professional. Ideally a combination of the two would make my perfect Christmas present.

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