Golf Travel Segment On Thursday Night Golf Show From Teeuplo

As you may already have seen from our social media activity, currently fellow users and of Teeuplo’s website, or subscribers to the YouTube channel we are partnering with them on a golf travel segment during their Thursday Night Golf Show.

The weekly show is currently presented by Andy ‘The Average Golfer’ and looks at a range of topics that is currently hot in the world of golf, whether it’s PGA tour news, the latest equipment releases or information about courses and competitions in the UK.

The show has been growing in views and subscribers and we’ve now got the opportunity to provide content related to golf travel, with the first feature appearing in last night’s show. We’ve skipped to our segment in the video below:


We would love to here from you as to what you would like featured in this part of the show, whether it’s to find out about new upcoming destinations that you might be interested in booking in the future, a recap on the much loved areas you already know such as Vilamoura, Costa Del Sol and the Costa Blanca, money saving ideas from the team here, or whether it’s just general advice on the booking process of organising a golf break. We are currently running a poll on Twitter to get your views or you can comment below:

If you like the idea but not our suggestions then let us know. We don’t currently know of a golf travel show so you have a great opportunity to influence what you would like to hear!

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